About Us

My Name is John DeSantis and I am a licensed resident broker in the state of Illinois offering different types of insurance plans. I offer Medical, Dental and Life Insurance plans to individuals as well as small to medium size businesses in Illinois. When you come to me, I can give you my personal guarantee that you will receive the best possible service available.

I have been selling Life and Health Insurance in the state of Illinois since 1991 and have a great deal of knowledge and experience in these areas. I have the ability to search the market for competitive plans and rates with some of the top companies available. You can also be sure that the companies I represent are quality and well established as you can see a partial list on this web site. In this day and age of technology, there is almost too much information and it is very easy to become confused.

I will help design a well rounded plan specifically molded to your own situation that will work within your budget. I have built a great reputation by being honest with all of my clients who can attest to my knowledge, professionalism, character and integrity, references can also be provided upon your request.

I offer individual & group health insurance plans for both long-term and temporary needs. I also provide life & disability both on an individual or group basis and don’t forget to ask me about medicare supplements or long term care insurance. Whether you are looking for extensive benefits or premium savings,  I have a plan for you. With my experience and strong focus on insurance, I can provide you with service and knowledge you can count on. My ability to broker business with a number of different companies always gives you the competitive edge you need in today’s world.

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